Olive grove

The olive grove is about 250 metres above sea level and is organically managed.  Our varieties are Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Maurino.
The olives are manually stripped from the tree during the first phase of ripeness, when the fruit starts to change color from green to dark.  Nets are placed under the trees to avoid contact with the soil, and lesions that could introduce defects into the oil.
The milling is carried out with a continuous extraction system within 24 hours after the harvest, and the temperature kept below 27°C in order to maintain unchanged the organoleptic and health characteristics of the oil.  The oil is cold extracted in the absence of air, in a technologically advanced plant, which allows the elimination of oxidation.
The color is golden yellow with a green tinge.  The oil tastes of green olives with a slight flavor of cut grass and olive tree leaves.  It has clear notes of slightly bitter and spicy fragrances and an aftertaste of artichokes.
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